We Want To Improve Your Health

This is our first blog post.. ever! We’re very happy to be able to do this as part of our business.

In todays article we´ll be taking a closer look at the top 3 things you can do, to drastically improve your health. And don’t get fooled by it’s simplicity, we can assure you that all of these methods are suuuuper effective. Stay Tuned!

Exercise Every Day

Yes, I bet you´ve heard this thousands of times before. But hey, It´s the truth. Our body was made to work out, we were made to move, walk and run. Just 20-30 min per day of exercise is more than enough. The trick to a good workout is to make it fun. If you already know what you enjoy doing (Running, Walking or Dancing for example) well then, GREAT! But if you don’t, then start testing a bunch of different things.

Stop Drinking

Alcohol is not good for you, it´s as simpel as that. No matter what other people say. Alcohol has no health benefits what so ever, it rather hurts your health quite bad. You can always drink less, sure that is better than alot. But, drinking nothing at all will always be the winner

Stop Smoking

This is a no brainer, if you´re currently smoking. Seek help! There are a ton of help out there. But if you don´t want to quite, then you´ll never be able to. So start educating yourself about smoking. I can guarantee you that you´ll want to stop smoking when you know in details what it does to your body…

Eat Healthier

As I said, this is not rocket science. But still so many of us struggle to do these “easy” tasks. Eating healthier includes:

  • Reduce or preferable stop entirely  to eat Sugar
  • Eat more vegetables (Living food)
  • Cut down on red meat
  • Drink a lot of water
  • Eat regularly


That’s about it! This was only an introduction article. There will be a lot more content coming soon. So stay tuned for that!

And also, please let us know in the comment section below what you thought of the article. We´d love to start connecting with you!

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